net worth update – june 2021

Welcome to June 2021, AKA the worst net worth update since I started tracking this really aggressively in January.

It’s probably really screwed up that my worst month net worth wise had nothing to do with macroeconomics (aka the dive bomb the economy did during covid) but rather because I spent a lot and crypto did… terribly.

Serves me right for investing in a really new speculative investment class which is still overhyped by young investors looking to offset stagnant wage growth and boomer property prices and who happen to be influenced by Elon Musks’ tweets.

But I don’t really care because:

1. Most of the backtrack in my net worth here had nothing to do with Elon and more to do with a regression in spending habits.

2. I am not planning on selling during a downturn so does it really matter?

Lockdown was well and truly over in Sydney, we were back to being allowed to go into work and that meant the following:

$4 morning coffee

$4 lunch coffee

$4 muffin to resolve mid-afternoon “god, socialising is exhausting” cravings

This is what I want to point to when anyone says “wow, she’s a fin-influencer”. First of all, what does that mean and secondly, I’m just here to help this make sense, I’m not purporting to be perfect. In fact, imperfection is exactly what I stand for.

You can find the instagram post here if you wish.

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