best investing books for beginners

There’s thousands of investing books but it is overwhelming as a beginner to sort the brilliant from the ugly. I get asked all the time ‘what are the best investing books for beginners’ or ‘where do I start researching to invest’. So, here are my favourite investing books.

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Now, the best investing books for beginners are not necessarily going to answer all your questions and that your learning is going to continue developing as you go a long – and that’s a good thing!

Before I get into the list, here’s a few things I look for with investing books.

  • Must talk about investing and retirement funds (superannuation is so important!)
  • Must be relevant to millennials and gen z
  • Must not be patronising but can use a little bit of tough love

But here are my favourite investing books that are relevant, relatable and don’t err too far into being condescending.

Best Investing Books for Beginners

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Smashed Avocado by Nicole Haddow

Good for: property investing, if you feel like you’re ‘late’ to the game

A book about how to break into the property market in your 30s by financial journalist (and the person who told Bernald Salt that it really wasn’t avocados preventing millennials from buying property)

I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

Good for: those who like tough love, a fulsome, easy to follow 6 week financial action plan

A book that covers all investing and budgeting topics (albeit, for a US audience). Sets out all the principles of index funds and ‘easy’ investing.

Broke Millennial: Investing Guide

Good for: investing basics written by a millennial woman, for millennial women

Covers investing (again, for an American audience) but is generationally relevant and looks into the structure and basics of

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Mindful Money by Canna Campbell

Good for:

  • starting to reframe your money habits
  • introduction to investing habitsd and budget

Little Book of Behavioural Investing by James Montler

Good for:

  • not becoming a ‘trader’ and slave to emotions
  • understanding how market cycles work
  • recommend reading this once you’ve set up your investments

Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape

Good for:

  • People who want a more ‘guided’ book
  • Ideal for young couples or families
  • Focuses on salaried investing (i.e. budgeting with set income)

Have other recommendations? Pop them in the comments!

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