best beginner investing podcasts

So you want to start investing and everyone is saying ‘do your research’ but you keep thinking to yourself ‘but where do I research investing?!’

Well, I’ve got you.

If you prefer investing books, then you’ll want to check this post out.

But, if you’re a fan of podcasts, here’s a RUNDOWN.

Now, this is a summary of investing podcasts for beginners. This isn’t going into go into quant analysis or anything like this but rather more your basics and an intro into the industry but it’s helpful information nonetheless. These are all fun, engaging and AUSTRALIAN! Because there’s nothing more frustrating than someone trying to tell you where to invest your 401K

The Broke Generation

Emma is a Melbourne freelance copywriter, all around cool-girl and her podcast is just… SO GOOD?

More about money mindset than investing but a GREAT one.


Run by ex-financial advisor Glen James, this is a really good index of financial info. From insurance to crypto, this covers all the investing / finance 101 things!

Young Money

If you really want basic introduction to money and finance – I love this podcast.

Bonus – they even asked me to come on and talk about money!!

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Equity Mates

These two blokes from Sydney have what is arguably the best investing podcast out there.

The focus is a little more on the industry (rather than ‘how to invest’) but it’s a really good resource if you’re ready for a deep dive into fund managers, how the industry is tracking and more information behind the stocks.

Aussie Firebug

Most people in the FIRE community will probably say ‘Aussie Firebug changed my life when he said ‘I want to invest until I can live off the money and retire’


Check out his blog also, but his podcast has some great guests!

Girls that Invest

I love Sim and Sonya.

Sonya just bought a house and they’re two young New Zealand millennial / gen z investors and all round cool girls.

This is the only non-Oz podcast on here but honestly, still RELEVANT.


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