ways to cut your spending that don’t suck

This is the post I wish I saw everywhere because it talks about ways to save money that don’t actually ruin your enjoyment of life or leave you on a short-term restrictive spending ban which inevitably backfires and you’re looking around your bedroom full of shopping bags coming out of your online shopping spiral wondering how all of this happened to you.


Oh, maybe that’s just me.

Probably just me.

As a recovering spender (read: rehabilitated, not recovered) I’ve got a few tricks for how to better your budget without ruining your happiness.

  1. Marie Kondo your Money

I’ve talked about this before but the first step in building sustainable finances is actually figuring out what is important to you.

This is a 2 step process.

a – evaluate what you’ve already spend money on

I talk about this in how to build your budget but it’s essentially going through your expenses and figuring out what works, what you didn’t even really care about and could cut and what you want to include.

For example, say you spend $50 a week on cocktails on Friday nights but you actually find the after works drinks mortifying and would prefer to be home.


Say you get your nails done every fortnight but you find them annoying to type with and you’re only doing it because your mum used to.


If what you’re spending money on, doesn’t spark ENORMOUS amounts of joy.. get rid of it. This goes for subscriptions too. I just wish I could get rid of my mortgage.

b – figure out what you want to spend money on

This is the fun part.

Do you want to take 3 months off and travel? Great. So how much do you need, when do you need it and work back from there.

When I was saving for a house deposit, I knew I wanted $50K (because that was a 10% or so deposit for the type of place I was comfortable taking up. I knew I wanted to buy in the next 2-3 years.

So I split up $50k by the amount of pay checks between now and my target date.

Voila. A spending goal!

2. Get a budget together

A budget, I said. Not a fad spending restriction.

The human brain finds it really hard to not do things or absorb negatives – so ‘I won’t spend money’ is a much more difficult task than ‘I will allow myself to spend $50 a fortnight on coffee’ (if that’s your thing).

If you want help finding a budget that works for YOU, click here

That’s really it.

From there it’s rinse and repeat.

3. Set boundaries

One of my largest categories in my budget was “things my friends wanted to do that I was like ‘oh ok’ when I actually hate getting cocktails (why are they $20?!) and tbh I’d much rather do wine and cheese at home than go out – generally.

Being mindful of and supportive of our friends’ financial goals is so so so important!

Friends support other friends’ financial goals <3

Your money is about you and cutting spending is actually just about aligning what you love with where your money goes, rather than what other people (or your emotions!) want you to want.

You got this!

xx BGW


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