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If you’re looking for the post about how much money this blog makes, this is it. You’ve found it.

Beware though, it may not be as sexy as you thought.

I started my instagram (way back when) with an intention to be transparent about money. The mission was that financial literacy requires turning the lights on in the dark room of personal finance. I made the commitment to do it with my own finances and that includes the finances behind this blog.

I will tell you this honestly: this blog creates income.

(Seriously! The ATO knows this!)

But I’ll tell you something else, it is not – at present – a liveable wage.

But it doesn’t matter.

Because brokegirlwealth is not a business. I am not selling you anything. While other people may offer courses or whatever, there is no upsell at the end of an instagram carousel. Other people may offer those services and I have no opinions on the matter. If a course is your thing, there’s other creators who might fill that niche for you. I am not an authorised rep or financial advisor telling you ‘go buy this thing’. I use particular services and make particular investment choices but as I say relentlessly, you do you. No one – least of all me – is forcing you to click and sign up or buy.

Personal finance is personal. Transparent [ 😉 ] but personal!

I made a start with this blog to turn the lights on a murky place, provide factual information in channels where young people spend time (and in a way that wasn’t patronising)

But, you say, you said it creates income.

Yes, it does.

Because sometimes I offer services (content creation) to companies. Sometimes there’s ads (rarely lbr). Sometimes you use one of my affiliate links (thanks by the way!).

So, it is disengenuous to say that I don’t make any return from this venture.

But, what I will say is this:

(consider this my person-with-an-online-platform-ethical standard)

  1. brokegirlwealth makes money but it will do so transparently
  2. Brands I partner with, I vet. Usually, I’m an existing customer.
  3. All links on the blog that earn some sort of income are disclosed (usually by me saying ‘this is a referral/affiliate link’
  4. Advertising will always be disclosed. You might see ‘Paid Partnership’ on Instagram or ‘#ad’. It will never be hidden in fine print.
  5. You might see passive advertising on this website. Just know, it is kept to a minimum but it also helps me keep this blog’s lights on.

For a lawyer, I think I kept my terms and conditions pretty short, don’t you?

If you ever have questions about affiliates or my approach, email me.

xx BGW


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