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ways to cut your spending that don’t suck

This is the post I wish I saw everywhere because it talks about ways to save money that don’t actually ruin your enjoyment of life or leave you on a short-term restrictive spending ban which inevitably backfires and you’re looking around your bedroom full of shopping bags coming out of your online shopping spiral wondering how all of this happened to you.


Oh, maybe that’s just me.

Probably just me.

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why you need an emergency fund

If you’re asking yourself, do I need an emergency fund? 

The answer is always yes. 

If you’re asking yourself, how much do I need to save in my emergency fund? Keep reading.

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how to budget

What you should include in your budget

Budgets are one of the simplest ways to get better with your finances. Learning to budget (and not just pray I wouldn’t spend money) was a really significant way I improved my finances.

But they’re kind of imperfect. 

Especially when they’re downloaded off the internet and look like this: 

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